Wishes, Greetings, and Messages for Bestu Varas in English and Gujarati

November 16 is being celebrated as the Gujarati New Year 2020 all across the state of Gujarat and everywhere else in the world with Gujarati population. The day is also known as Bestu Varas, Varsha-Pratipada, or Padwa. It falls on the Shukla Paksha Pratipada of the Kartik month of the Hindu Calendar.

The festival celebrated after Diwali is centred around Lord Krishna and the holy Govardhan Hills. As per the mythology, people made substantial offerings to Lord Indra for an annual festival. Lord Krishna saw all of this and taught people how their dharma wasn’t to please deities by offering so many material things, but to farm and grow and nourish their cattle. After this, the people worshipped the hills and the cows as a way of following his advice.

Lord Indra, angered, flooded the village. Krishna then lifted up the Govardhan Parvat and saved everyone. The day is a commemoration of Lod Krishna being a saviour and considered as the start of a New Year. Others use this day as another day of worshipping Goddess Lakshmi. A new book of accounts is prepared on this day known as Chopda for the new year and financial beginnings.

Here’re a few ways you can wish your friends and family on this auspicious day:

1. Sala mubaraka mitra… Nava varasa ni subhakamana… Avanara varsa badhanumm mangalamaya ho…

2. Me prema ghanam n’yu yara ringa, sukhi samacara, sara svasthya ane tame ane tamara parivara mate asirvada dhagalabandha! Sala mubaraka 2020

3. Parantu mane prema, mane nathi chodi, parantu mane cumbana, mane cuki nathi, parantu mane hita, mane nathi dhikkara parantu mane yada rakho, nanam nanam asamani ranganam phulavalo eka choda. Hepi n’yu yara

For the pious occasion of Bestu Varas, I offer my warm greetings to you and your family. Nutan Varshabhinandan.

4. May Shri Krishna shower you with his choicest blessings on the beautiful New Year Day, A very very Happy Gujarati New Year to you and your loved ones.

5. Hoping this New Year will usher in hope, a renewed confidence and the will power to fight all odds and emerge as the winner. Extending my warm greetings to you and your loved ones. Nutan Varshabhinandan.

6. This New Year Day, I hope and pray that Shri Krishna restores peace and harmony in society. May there be no disease or war or suffering. On the auspicious occasion of Bestu Varas, here’s sending across my sincere prayers.

Hoping this New Year usher in a new dawn, new hope, peace, joy and happiness. Nutan Varshabhinandan.

7. On the joyous occasion of Gujarati New Year, here’s praying that Shri Krishna blesses you with good health, wealth, peace and prosperity. Nutan Varshabhinandan. Jai Shri Krishna.

This Gujarati New Year let us hope for a bright, peaceful and healthy future. Nutan Varshabhinandan!

6. Here’s extending my warm wishes to you and your family on the first and joyous day of Varsha Pratipada. Nutan Varshabhinandan!

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