‘Of What Good are Hospitals, Schools…’: Nitin Patel’s Plans to Make Gujarat Safe for Women with ‘Love Jihad’ Law

While campaigning for the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation elections on Thursday, Deputy Chief Minister of Gujarat, Nitin Patel stated that the govt is set to bring into force legislation to check ‘Love Jihad’ in the upcoming assembly session claiming that this law was necessary for ensuring the safety of the Hindu girls and women.

Substantiating his claim, the minister was quoted saying, “Of what use are good roads, hospitals, and schools if our religion and country are not safe?

In a report by The Indian Express, Nitin Patel said that facilitating education for women and building schools, colleges is of no use if the basic safety of these women is at stake.

He further stressed that the security of the women is of paramount importance, which was ensured only after the BJP government came, and strengthened it day after day.

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 “Those people of other religions, they keep Hindu names, appear like Hindus, have no food to eat at home but roam around on motorbikes, and big cars which people like you would have given for repairs… someone else would have paid for the petrol… and try to impress our daughters,“ the minister added saying that it is to curb such incidences that BJP is seriously considering to bring a law on love jihad in the coming Vidhan Sabha session.

Raising the Babri Masjid issue while campaigning for the Gota ward, Patel emphasized that people from other religions incite religious sentiments among the Hindus by destroying their place of belief.

“These people come here and incite… somebody makes a movie, somebody comes up with a song so that Hindu sentiments get hurt. These people have been taught by the mullahs that if you want to break Hindus… you must not just snatch their kingdoms, but break the symbols of Hindus such as the Somnath temple, Ramji mandir…” he told The Indian Express.

The Deputy CM also took this opportunity to mount a scathing attack on Congress by saying that the party was only motivated by vote bank politics. He added that the national party wanted to retain its votes hence it did not take any action against the Cow killers, butchers, goons, mafia, and bootleggers.

“They knew that if they took action against any goon, people from that goon’s area would stop voting for them. Goons would harass our daughters and sisters outside schools, colleges, and public places.”

The anti-conversion law remains a bone of contention between the ruling BJP and the opposition with the congress hitting out at the saffron party and accusing them of having cases of conversions within the party members.

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