Going Out for Exercise? Think Twice if Your City has Poor Air Quality

Exercise is an essential activity and with the current lifestyle, it has become even more important. With health concerns surrounding us, it is necessary that we do activities that can improve our immunity.

Although people understand the benefits of exercising, a deterioration of the air quality often acts as a hindrance for those who want to step out and exercise. Fresh air has been replaced by toxic air. As per reports, in India’s capital Delhi, the air quality is falling in the category of ‘severe’ post the violation of cracker ban on Diwali in the region.

The truth is that even if you are wearing a high-quality face mask, you will still breathe in some smaller pollutant particles. During exercising, our lungs breathe in more air. Not only that, the air enters our lungs more deeply than usual when performing an aerobic activity.

This can cause more irritation in the lining of the lungs than usual and possibly increase the risk of asthma. Other signs like headache, irritation in the eyes and nose may also appear if you stay exposed to polluted air for a longer period. In those with pre-existing health conditions, it may also increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

During aerobic activity, we tend to inhale more air than usual and therefore, we are breathing not only from the nose but from mouth as well. But instead of inhaling more air inside, we take in dust particles.

The risk is especially higher for those with conditions like diabetes, asthma or any other lung-related issue and heart patients. There is a double risk for those who are exposed to outside air due to work and also have any other health-related problem.

Therefore, it is recommended that people should exercise indoors if the air quality is too toxic. Performing yoga and skipping are recommended because there is usually a space constraint at home. You may also want to try spot jogging exercise at home to keep yourself healthy.

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