BJP Candidate Tanushree Chakraborty Campaigns in Shyampur Seat

Actor-turned-politician Tanushree Chakraborty on Monday campaigned for Shyampur Assembly seat. She is contesting West Bengal elections on BJP ticket against the Trinamool Congress (TMC) heavyweight and four-time MLA Kalipada Mondal. The Tollywood star, who acted in several films, believes that her bonding with people as an actor will earn her an electoral dividend. Here’s an interview by News18 Bengali on how different is her lifestyle when campaigning for polls. Have a look:

Q: A change in look matters when actors enter the field of politics. They avoid luxurious clothes. Have you done so and bought cotton sarees, flat shoes?

Tanushree: I love saree and usually use flat heels. So, there was no need to buy them separately. The only thing I did after joining the politics was to move to Shyampur.

Q: What are you doing to keep yourself protected from the scorching heat during campaigning?

Tanushree: Nothing, we need to accept the weather. I’m applying sunscreens but doubt whether it would work or not. I always try to find the positive part in any situation and the positive part is I’m getting enough Vitamin D from sunlight.

Q: You have indulged in eating street foods, so no diet plans nowadays?

Tanushree: I am not following any diet plan. On the contrary, I’m thinking about returning home with some good quality rice from Shyampur. To maintain body immunity, I used to have certain food items. Even here I’m following the same routine. The election is my only focus now.

Q: You usually buy things wherever you go. From Bangkok, you purchased ingredients for Tom Yum soup. Like that, do you want to buy rice from Shyampur?

Tanushree: And vegetables too. They are fresh here.

Q: Have you found a gym in Shyampur? It is not possible to travel back home every day.

Tanushree: Why would I need a gym here? Walking is a good exercise. I am covering miles of distance every day by walking. It is sufficient to burn fats.

Q: We hear that even at home you do not use AC often.

Tanushree: Yes, it is true. I’m habituated to live a simple life. So the absence of AC here is not troubling me much.

Q: The election heat and the soaring temperature—what are you doing to keep your body and mind cool.

Tanushree: I’m drinking a lot of water to stay cool from inside. And to stay calm by mind, I’m doing meditation.

Q: Many of your Tollywood friends are now political rivals. Are you still in touch with them and have a chat like in earlier days.

Tanushree: No, have not got a chance to talk to them.

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